Revisional Breast Surgery


Breast Revision Surgery

Dr. Lettieri has had great success utilizing the new higly advanced “cohesive” silicone gel implants to replace older devices that women may have had for many years. He is one of the very first plastic surgeons to be able to use both the Inamed style 410 cohesive gel implant and the Mentor CPG contour profile cohesive gel device for all types of breast implant replacement and breast revision surgery.


Previous Breast Augmentation Surgery


Dr. Lettieri has a very extensive experience treating women who have had previous breast augmentation who are now ready to have new breast implants. Many of these women have had saline implants placed many years ago and are unhappy with the size, appearance or position of these implants.  Many other women have had silicone gel implants for many years and may be suffering from distortion of their implants because of scar tissue formation often related to rupture of the original implants.. Dr. Lettieri personally reviews the implant replacement options with each patient to help customize the selection and maximize the improvements and durability that can be provided with breast implant revision surgery. These procedures are virtually always done on an out-patient basis.

Previous Breast Reconstruction following Mastectomy


Another group of women often in need of replacement of breast implants are those who have had breast reconstruction following mastectomy in the past. Over years of time the original implants will often become less natural in their appearance and associated with scar tissue which makes the patient uncomfortable. Surgery of this type is also usually done on an out patient basis and can provide great improvement for patients who have had mastectomy and reconstruction previously.​

Breast Implant Illness Treatment


Many women have acknowledged that the removal of their breast implants was necessary to treat certain illnesses. This often requires an "en-bloc" removal of the implant and surrounding scar tissue. Dr. Lettieri has extensive experience performing this procedure for women having both saline-filled and silicone-filled implants. He has helped hundreds of women in need of this treatment.