Cohesive Gels


Cohesive Gel (Gummy Bear) Breast Implants

Dr. John Lettieri is one of a few select plastic surgeons nationwide who was chosen to participate in implant programs for both the Allergan Inamed cohesive gel and Mentor CPG cohesive gel breast implants. Dr. Lettieri is the only surgeon in South Carolina to be approved to use the Allergan cohesive gel implant for his patients, and is one of a very few surgeons nationwide approved to use the Mentor cohesive gel implant. Dr. Lettieri is also well published in several major medical journals and has given presentations nation wide on the topic of breast implant surgery and implant technology. Because of his expertise, he has been involved in virtually all available breast implant programs over the last 25 years. This, in turn, has afforded his patient’s many breast implant options for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


The cohesive gel breast implants have proven to be highly effective and advantageous for several categories of patients. This includes patients who desire breast implants for the first time, such as those desiring breast enlargement and those desiring breast reconstruction after breast removal for breast cancer. In addition, there are an increasingly large number of women who have had breast implant surgery in the past and now need revision of these procedures. Dr. Lettieri is commonly using the cohesive gel implants to replace old silicone and old saline implants in women who have had breast enlargement and breast reconstruction. These new devices carry many advantages for all categories of patients.

Dr. John Lettieri is a well known, highly respected expert in all surgeries of the breast.  He is a pioneer among surgeons who has researched and studied breast implants – in order to bring his patients the best – world class products available today.

Main Benefits of Cohesive Gel Breast Implants​​

  • Cohesive gel implants offer unique desirable shape and longevity.

  • The gel is highly organized and highly resistant to migration.

  • Cohesive gel implants are anatomically shaped to naturally feather into the upper aspect of the breast creating a more natural result for both cosmetic enlargement and reconstruction.

  • Cohesive gel implants come with a textured surface, which increases stability and decreases negative effects on surrounding breast and chest wall tissue. These implants come in an enormous array of sizes and degrees of projection to accommodate a wide variety of patient needs.​

In the many programs completed and underway involving these implants, the patient’s satisfaction rate is extremely high. It has been shown that women benefit not only physically, but emotionally as well.